Banket Quin Investment - silver



Silver Futures - Silver, pleasing to the eye and easy to work with, has attracted man's interest for thousands of years. In ancient times, silver deposits were plentiful on or near the earth's surface. Relics of ancient civilizations include jewelry, religious artifacts, and food vessels formed from the durable, malleable metal.

Today, silver is sought as a valuable and practical industrial commodity, and as an appealing investment. The largest industrial users of silver are the photographic, jewelry, and electronic industries.

Newly mined metal provides most of the needed supply, and Mexico, the United States, and Peru are primary producers. Secondary silver sources include coin melt, scrap recovery, and dishoarding from countries where export is restricted. Secondary sources are particularly price sensitive.

The New York Mercantile Exchange merged with the Commodity Exchange, Inc., in August 1994 to become the world's largest physical commodity futures exchange.

We will be able to supply 1- 10 metric tonnes of silver per contract.