About - Banket Quin Investment

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saelstrom_sea-turtle.jpgBanquet Quin Investment Pty Ltd is an Australian company, which was established in July 2008 by Sam Sothy (Gnanasothy) with the aim of becoming the markets community broker.

Under both standard and bilaterally agreed terms, Banquet Quin Investment has placed over 20 million tons of coal, 1800 metric tons of gold and 10 million iron ore within the market since inception. With key markets in Europe, South Africa and India, delivering coal of Colombian, Russian, Australia, Polish and South African (CRAPS) origin, Banquet Quin Investment are constantly seeking new markets and opportunities for our clients. Our product portfolio include Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Crude oil, JP 54,D2,Mazut,coal,irone ore ,sugar in physical commodities. To learn more about our product offering please see Our Services.

Banquet Quin Investment Pty Ltd are an inter dealer broker and do not take principal positions, as such, we charge a brokerage fee for our services.